Hillary Clinton’s Medical Problems

Hillary Clinton has had Parkinson’s Disease for at least ten years. She has known it for all of that time. Her campaign shows a complete disregard for America in the pursuit of personal graft        

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Hillary Has Parkinson’s Disease – Radio Show

Doctor Ted Noel spoke about Hillary Clinton’s health on the American Adversaries radio program August 17. Her exhibited neurologic problems probably make her unable to carry out the duties of President. Intro starts about 2:20, actual interview at 3:20. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: American Adversaries is broadcast daily[…]

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Welcome to VidZette. Our original purpose was to show the world how unfit Hillary Clinton is for office. Now that she has lost the election, we will turn to new subjects. Since the interaction of government and medicine adversely affects us all, that will be our next adventure. Please be[…]

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