How We Put the Information Together

There is a right way and a wrong way to analyze the public record. A lot of the clickbait sites grab a video or a picture and run with it. They are getting their exercise by jumping to conclusions. In order to be a credible interpreter, it’s necessary for me[…]

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Post-Debate Analysis #1

Post-debate medical thoughts I’m getting lots of mail on the question of Parkinson’s Disease signs in the debate. It wasn’t very fertile ground. There are some soft items, but probably not enough for a video. I’ll use HRC as short for Hillary Clinton… Timing is on the ABC15 news video.[…]

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Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Field Guide Extra #2

Recent videos show that Hillary Clinton’s brain is definitely misfiring. Her eyes demonstrate loss of vergence, which can only be a result of brain controls that don’t work properly. We also have discovered new evidence suggesting the purpose for both the earpiece and the laser pointer in the Secret Service[…]

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Russian MPs debate Hillary’s health and US politics

Russia Insider is a group of US expatriates who comment on US issues for US audiences in Russia. The video of the debate on Hillary’s health is entertaining. I wish we could be this open here. Political correctness is a disease we need to stamp out. See it for yourself.[…]

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Friends of Hillary Say She Has Parkinson’s Disease

Jerome R. Corsi of WND reports that sources close to the candidate have confirmed that she has stage three (of five) Parkinson’s Disease. Read the whole story at:  

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