Understanding Sunni and Shia – John Hayward on Breitbart

The Sunni/Shia divide in Islam is one almost no westerners can figure out. But it is crucial to understanding why the two branches of Islam are at war. Why does Sunni Saudi Arabia oppose Shia Iran, for example? John Hayward explains in plain language what’s going on. Read more…

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Podcast 16 – A Brief Review of the 4th Circuit’s Ruling

Predictably, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration. To do so, it ignore clear Supreme Court precedent in the Mandel, Fiallo, and Din cases, as the dissenters point out. Now the case goes to the Supreme Court.   Or watch on YouTube.

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Podcast 15 – Bill Hodes on the 4th Circuit Order

There’s lots of simple analysis about the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order. On the Right, the President’s order is clearly Constitutional. On the Left, it’s a massive arrogation of power. Our Constitutional Law Professor, Bill Hodes, tackles the issues and explains the choices[…]

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13 More Fake News Stories – Daniel Payne in The Federalist

Fake news has dominated the “News.” The Left claims it’s all from the Right, and slams Breitbart and Infowars. Certainly there have been clickbait sites on the Right, but the legacy media (also known as Mainstream Media, Lamestream Media, or Drive-by Media – {ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post,[…]

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How the Left Lies…

Andrew Sullivan’s latest is a great example of how the left drinks the Kool-Aid and tries to deceive the rest of us.     Or watch on YouTube…    

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