Podcast 42 – Can We Live Without SALT?

The Senate is about to vote on a tax reform bill. One item is of extreme concern is whether the deduction for State And Local Taxes will remain. We break down what this actually means. Listen… Watch…

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Podcast 41 – McCain’s Achilles Heel

John McCain has been a major thorn in President Trump’s side. This last week he did something that showed clearly that he is losing his mind.  Seriously… Listen on Patreon…. or Watch…

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Nancy Pelosi’s Medical Ailments

What should we make of Pelosi’s odd facial movements and forgetfulness? Many have suggested that she has some horrible disease or other. Is there enough evidence to form a conclusion? Watch a Patreon… Or Listen…

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Podcast 39 – Sheriff Obama’s Version of Law and Order

The Texas massacre is a horrible tragedy. And it was completely avoidable. The Air Force did not report the shooter’s conviction for assault to the FBI as required by law. We have to wonder why this happened. Could it be that President Obama created an atmosphere that made it permissible[…]

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