Podcast 67 – The Cohen Raid

The raid on Michael Cohen’s office was really on the legal edge to begin with. He was a cooperating witness. But what the judge did was waaay over the line. Listen… Watch…

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The Quest for Objective Truth – Roger Taylor in American Thinker

Self-deception is powerful. When governments foist a false scientific narrative, the results are often destructive.  One such debacle occurred in the Soviet Union from mid-1920s to 1964 and was centered on a botanist, Trofim Lysenko.  The modern scientific community accepted Mendelian genetics to explain inherited traits.  Lysenko believed in an older view that[…]

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Podcast 64 – The Land of Fruits and Nuts

A California judge has ruled that Starbucks must put a cancer warning label on coffee, even though coffee is good for you, and the chemical they’re upset about is also good for you in coffee. California is truly the land of Fruits and Nuts. Listen… Watch…

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