Podcast 78 – F*** Civility!

Loonie Lefties have decided that since they are in an alternate universe, they have to yell a little bit louder. How’s that working out for them??? Listen… Watch…      

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Can Facebook and Twitter be forced to stop censoring conservatives – Mark Fitzgibbons in American Thinker

Conservatives are frustrated with censorship by social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. These “digital town squares” were once more accommodating to expression by conservatives. After all, those entities built themselves into global juggernauts relying in part on freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and America’s (relatively) free enterprise system.  Conservatives[…]

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The Horowitz IG Report: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

The Inspector General of the FBI said that he found “no documentary evidence of bias” in the prosecutorial decisions made during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The Left celebrates, and the Right explodes. As good Rabbis would suggest, perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. But how do you find[…]

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