Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Field Guide Extra #2

Recent videos show that Hillary Clinton’s brain is definitely misfiring. Her eyes demonstrate loss of vergence, which can only be a result of brain controls that don’t work properly. We also have discovered new evidence suggesting the purpose for both the earpiece and the laser pointer in the Secret Service agent’s hand.

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  1. Is it possible that Hillary sustained the severe concussion and double vision as a result of a near-fatal plane crash in December, 2012, rather than a fall in her kitchen? The following links are worthy of consideration. Note the State Department E-mail posted by WikiLeaks.

  2. The sighting of Hillary walking down some steps in New York City on Sunday, Sept. 25, is also being carried on

    Unsteady Hillary Clinton Descends Stairs in New York City Sunday
    The video is at

    Kristinn Taylor, Sept. 25th, 2016 10:36 pm

    Below is the verbatim quote from Gateway:

    An unsteady Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was filmed gingerly descending a set of stairs in New York City’s Flatiron district Sunday afternoon.
    The video, taken and posted to Twitter by ABC News’ Liz Kreutz shows Clinton, wearing a heavy green overcoat in low-70 degree weather (no one else is seen wearing an overcoat), exit a door grasping the door handle while cautiously looking down at the steps. Clinton then steps over to the side of the stairs and grabs hold of the banister with her right hand and gingerly walks down the seven stairs to the sidewalk.

    The man walking directly behind Clinton bounds down the short flight of steps without using the banisters.

    Clinton at first ignores Kreutz calling out a question about being ready for the debate as she focuses on the stairs. Clinton then lights up when she recognizes Kreutz and the two exchange quick greetings with Kreutz again asking about the debate as Clinton approaches her black Secret Service van. Clinton replies she is, “getting ready, getting ready!”

    Clinton then reaches out and grabs a handle in the vehicle to steady herself as she steps down off the curb to the gutter and then uses both arms to pull herself up into the van. The video clip ends at that point.

    Clinton appears to be taking extra care to ensure she does not fall down again in public.

  3. The Drudge Report today (Sept. 26, Monday) is carrying a link to the article below at “”

    The Drudge link is entitled: Hillary’s instantaneous health morph…

    The Treehouse article features a new, very short video from Sunday, Sept. 25 of Hillary walking down some steps and then getting into her large SUV.

    It also has two videos from Dr. Ted Noel, plus some discussion about Hillary’s abnormal eye movements and her earpiece.

  4. The fat Black guy has been identified as a SS agent. Incredible that the SS is involved in the cover up of her disease. I have nothing to add from the medical point of view; I concur wholeheartedly.

    A couple of days ago HRC appeared in a funny video called “Between two ferns”. She is in firm control of her hands here all the time.

    I am grateful for your work contributing to the fall of that chess figure.

    J.v.Kopenhagen, MD

        1. Thank you! In my experience, the pill rolling is seen in patients who are very stiff and are unable to gesticulate relatively freely as she does. But then, again, I am not a neurologist and I have in my career seen only a limited spectrum of clinical presentations of PD.

    1. Your conclusion is correct: The Secret Service knows that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease.

      As you know, Dr. Noel has tentatively concluded that the device that Secret Service agent Todd Madison is carrying is neither a flashlight, nor a Diazepam injector, but rather a laser pointer. This device is used to induce Parkinson’s patients who are experiencing a “Freeze” to move forward. Since a “Freeze” can occur at any moment, the SS agent must be constantly at the ready.

      As was indicated by another blogger, toward the end of this video, Todd Madison is directing Hillary with the laser pointer.

  5. I was glad to hear you mention the possibility of Hillary’s handler using a flashlight or laser pointer.
    This video might be of interest of to you on him doing exactly just that…
    You will see the handler enter the screenshot a few seconds into. (Not to be confused with the other black agent first visible in shot)
    Watch for the white ball of light that HRC who has stopped- seems to catch sight of. And it’s only then she proceeds with moving forward. The light directs her towards a doorway/hallway. The Handler is clearly pointing the device.
    Video was taken after the DNC Convention balloon drop.
    That picture of handler holding device was taken on same night- before or after her speech.

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