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Hillary’s Parkinson’s – Wikileaks Update

The WikiLeaks emails show a pattern that fits with Parkinson’s Disease. Also, there is evidence to suggest that she does have a Deep Brain Stimulator. Note: A reference to a Podesta email about HRC’s body odor was found to be possibly unreliable, so it has been edited out.   A[…]

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Lies the Left Preaches About ObamaCare

The Left really does not want you to know the evil of ObamaCare. If you do, you will not agree with restoring freedom by killing this awful law. Today I go through five lies they tell to get you to think that the sky will fall if we repeal ObamaCare.

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  1. Hillary’s cough sounds like an aspiration cough, i.e. the cough you get whenever you accidentally inhale food or liquid into your trachea (and your voice goes very much weaker). Everyone aspirates occasionally, but Hillary aspirated frequently while on the campaign trail. She seems to be coughing much less now — has she had a deep brain stimulator implant that better controls her neurological symptoms?

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