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Podcast #12 – Trump Fires Comey

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday. There is so much noise out there that we had to tell the real story in a way that cuts through the BS.   or watch on YouTube

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It has taken some time to figure out an effective way to tell the story of ObamaCare. I hope to have the first installment up in a day or two. Other changes will affect the way the site looks. In particular, I hope to have places for you to contribute.[…]

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  3. Hillary’s cough sounds dry not productive – arent most COPD cough’s productive? dry initially-but it’s been a while, also “allergies” come with other symptoms? red eyes, sneezing? just a thought

  4. I’ll take a crack at it, but I do not claim to be a doctor, just researching available info. It’s surprising that no one considers Multiple Sclerosis. Hillary’s health history of falls, blood clots, cough, etc. Multiple Sclerosis is highly possible. When deciding whether to run for office, would her team have decided they could hide the tremors of Parkinson’s compared to the ups and downs of MS? Could the stress of campaigning be exacerbating MS flares?

    I merely came to the conclusion after seeing the 9/11 video where her jerky gate looked like a co-worker I knew with MS. During a flare walked with a spastic gate and finally had to depend upon a wheelchair. I didn’t know that Hillary and MS have been linked for some time until I started searching.


    Many of her known symptoms point to this and it would explain the video we saw yesterday: the severe reaction to HEAT. She had a major flare because she was hot and finally could no longer walk and had the spastic gait of MS. It is said the early test for MS was to put the patient in a hot bath. Some sufferers even state that they have an immediate flare when exposed to heat but that the flare subsides once they are cooled off. Which would also explain how she was able to walk out of her daughter’s apartment yesterday, likely after a steroid IV.





    HEAD BOBBING – This has been a constant behavior of hers for a very long time, so it is not a recent development. In interviews and conversations, she has done it. So this may not be a symptom but MS sufferers do complain of head bobbing.


    SEIZURES including absence seizures

    WARDROBE- Many people have noticed that Hillary wears long heavy jackets, even on hot days or at events during the summer. When she “overheated” on 9/11 she did not remove her jacket to cool down. Reports said she was wearing a bulletproof vest but was she wearing a weighted vest to improve her balance?

    BLUE TINT GLASSES seen on 9/11
    “Aside from autism, precision spectral filters have been shown to offer symptom relief in several central nervous system disorders that involve the visual system, including photosensitive epilepsy [35], multiple sclerosis [36], and migraine [37]. These disorders are associated with an increased risk of seizures, consistent with the hypothesis that coloured filters reduce the effects of a cortical hyperexcitability.”

    PROVIGIL: Parkinson’s but also MS

    PUFFY FACE/MOON FACE: Due to steroid therapy. Many have noted the drastic change in Hillary’s face, neck and weight. Even over the course of the campaign, she seems to have dramatically gained weight.

    Lastly, the picture of her medical Secret Service possibly holding a Diazepam injector

    So it would be interesting to hear some doctors’ opinions on whether Hillary has MS or Parkinson’s. Because her health issues such as clots, fatigue and falls have been well known for some time, going back to at least 2005, what would her physical symptoms be with either disease by now? It seems as though she could be hiding symptoms of MS far longer than Parkinson’s. Curious to hear what you think.

    1. There is some overlap, but the overall picture doesn’t fit MS very well. I’ll tackle one specific point. You mention steroid facies (moon face). Sorry, an aged face in an overweight person isn’t steroid faces. That would be much rounder. You’d also look for a buffalo hump and extremely fragile skin with purple blotches (including the hands).

  5. Hey, Dr. Ted! I think you missed a very important point…
    First, I disagree with nothing you’ve said so far. In fact, I agree wholeheartedly. The problem is you missed a very strong indicator that the cover story [“Pneumonia”, likely bacterial], is totally bullshit. A bacterial Pneumonia is going to produce both a solid fever (almost always), and, more importantly, the cough that is produced by bacterial pneumonia is a “wet” one – not the dry cough of a mild dysphagia or a mild “allergy”.
    This is not a pneumonia. Not possible in my opinion. That cough, no obvious fever (which in a bacterial infection capable of producing dehydration will be significant!), and in the absence of diaphoretic symptoms, she is not sporting a pneumonia capable of dropping an otherwise “healthy” 68(?) year old woman. Not possible.
    signed, “LabRat”, PA-C

    1. Whoa, there, cowboy.
      The good doctor’s analysis is cogent, well presented and it is persuasive….but the serious error lies elsewhere. “Fatigue,” “pneumonia,” “dehydration,” “mis-step,” “odd physical behaviors,” “carefully practices changes in mannerisms” aren’t all there is.
      Where did Dr. Ted veer off?
      He is addressing her symptomology within a narrow confine, self-imposed I might add: he is possibly unaware of this, but he is speaking as if an advanced Parkinson’s diagnosis explains it all. He never says so, but that is the outright effect of his approach. It is an arbitrary, self-imposed restrictive point of view and alanysis.
      That’s the error.
      He leaves out the cranial, neurological and behavioral consequences of severe and possibly multiple concussions as well as other neurological issues that may or may not be present. He doesn’t address possible if not likely cumulative or build-up effects and likely changes in brain function, capabilities, etc. He doesn’t address how concussions may affect pituitary, hypo-thalamus and other functions, if at all. He doesn’t address the interaction, if any, between the inexorably advancing Parkinson’s and the other neurological impacts. The whole thing is buried underneath the blanket explanation of Parkinson’s, and Advanced Parkinson’s.
      Frankly, he should and likely does know that is proceedurally unacceptable. if he is doing it because he feels more comfortble as a trained medico, say so.
      It can, and imho in this case does, mislead. It inadvertantly feeds the meme of her campaign that “what you are seeing and hearing from us is all there is,” nothing more to see or think about or comment upon, so move on.
      It is called making the problems and related issues de minimus, which once established – in this case accepted and repeated ad nausium by the MSM – works against paying critical attention to and thoughtful further evaluation about the phenomenology.
      The objective is to eliminate serious consideration of the possibilities and impacts.
      Come on, doc, address it all in the same, careful, balanced, appropriately cautioning manner.
      You can and should do better given what is atg stake.

      Semper Fi


    2. I agree…maybe you can enlighten this thought? Don’t you get a productive cough with bacterial or viral pneumonia or Bronchiectasis? a low grade fever, SOB, chest pain? I can’t imagine being able to eat or have hunger with a thing like pneumonia… yet Hillary doesnt look like she missed a meal. In any type of pneumonia I doubt if you’ll be spry, photo taking, cheesing for the camera and bee boppin on the streets a few hours after being dragged into a van because you passed out from anything. IMO, that woman was not hillary, she is holding her purse on her right shoulder I would say indicating that woman was left handed, all the previous pics of hillary show her with her purse on the left shoulder

  6. Parkinson may be one of her conditions, but she has multiple.
    Her years of uncontrolled hypothyroidism can explain hoarseness and uncontrolled coughing.
    So can seizures. As well as HBP meds.
    Review a Dr Broda Barnes book, Hypothyroidism: The unsuspected illness. All of the disease states and health conditions no longer treated because of the changes of teaching how to treat in medical school. Drs no longer looking at 50 plus symptoms to look for in hypothyroidism.. Pseudoparkinson develops after long , uncontrolled thyroid. I had a mother with it. Because she showed the “neurological traits”, they didn’t even neurologically test her.
    Seizures can also cause these spells and account for falling down. More the petit mal seizure. Dead weight drop to the ground.
    She may possibly have had this technique done to control seizure. The big guy carrying around a large magnet? Not an injection?
    Could this be going on with hilLIARy?
    Has a stimulator? Would explain hoarseness, coughing fits? A magnet being placed on her back?
    Epilepsy: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

    Epilepsy: Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)
    Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a technique used to control seizures in people with epilepsy. Learn more from W…

    This could also explain the face changes within 3 hours of today’s episode.
    While I believe other’s that the ear piece may be for feeding her her words because of her jumbled mind, it could also be some of the acupuncture apparatus for dizziness and nausea created by stimulation of the vagus nerve. So she can claim medical device and it has a two-fold use.


    1. I’m well aware of VNS for seizure control, having done anesthesia for a fair number. Those are reserved for refractory seizures, the ones that keep coming and coming. There’s no way that she has that sort of seizures. I’ve shown her videos to experts, and not one would call any of them seizures.

  7. I’m looking at different videos of Killary’s meltdown this morning at the 911 ceremony and I found this one to line up with your theory of Parkinsons. My Dad had PD so I know a little about it. When I look at this video, it looks to me like her right leg is “frozen”, as my Dad’s used to do. I don’t think she passed out, it looks more like they tried to “help” her walk before her brain told her she was ready. Here it is and I would be interested in knowing what you think.

    1. Thanks for the note. I’ve had a lot of PD families make comments that they’ve seen their loved ones in Hillary’s abnormal motions. As for your analysis, you know exactly what to look for, and it looks like you’ve nailed it.

  8. This is all extremely interesting. It would be very appreciated if neurologists with no ax to grind would chime in quickly so that we can make some sound albeit preliminary conclusions on this matter. Hillary’s fainting at the 9/11 ceremony a few hours ago certainly strengthens the hypothesis that she is suffering from a severe neurological problem. And it’s most likely Parkinson’s.

  9. I have attempted to comment on YT but my comment is not there. I copy-paste it into here:

    Well, I’ll give it a shot! Look, she had severe bouts of coughing already in 2008 and 2012. Had this been a progressive thing (which PD is), she should have been long dead of pneumonia by now. Besides, as dysphagia is invariably a late feature of PD, why does she still have so smooth and precise a function of her arms, as well as a strong and very well modulated voice? There is no impediment of her mimics either. Looking and listening to her now and comparing it to old recordings, there is no difference, other than that of normal aging. This is incompatible with progressing PD. At the Cleveland rally she seems to have coughed up and almost imperceptibly spit something green into her glass of water. It looks like she might have bronchiectases (from repeated dysphagia-caused pneumonias? – I doubt it though: no worsening of her cough or dyspnea since 2008). Notice also that every time she coughs, she attempts to fight it with water and losenges. Which a dysphagiac “cougher” would most certainly NOT do. You are showing her nodding and ascribe this to PD. Notice, however, that her nodding has a constantly changing rhythm and amplitude, which looks intentional, like normal nodding rather than a characteristic, automatic PD nodding tremor. She is simply pretending to be listening intently and aggreeing. In her “ice tea” episode, you speak of freezing and dyskinetic nodding at the same time. Whis is it? Also, with dyskinesia, patients tend to have longer periods of dyskinetic movement, while HRD has a 1 second bout of something which looks more like some sort of partial seizure rather than dyskinesia. Her freezing during her “keep talking” speech seems to be caused by something she got afraid of. (The black guy, BTW, is now identified as a SS agent Todd Madison, a detail leader for HRC, and he carried a flash light, not a diazepam syringe. ) The public heard Madison’s reassuring “keep talking” and repeated it to her, which she then repeated after them, which i find to be rather cool of her. Check the recording again with higher volume. You are pointing out that her hand is forming itself as if she had the characteristic pill rolling tremor. This kind of tremor occurs in people who have pretty advanced PD, and not those, who are able to gesticulate freely, express rich and varied mimics and modulate their voice better than most. I have never seen patients gesticulate and “roll a pill” at the same time. Have you? Not unlike yourself, I am not a neurologist and I do not pretend to know what is/are HRC’s neurologic issues (if any), I am convinced that PD is not one of them. I do admire your courage and diligence, however.
    And, by the way, I do support “Hillary for Prison” movement 🙂
    Best regards
    “J. v. Kopenhagen, a MD from Denmark” (I prefer not to do it in own name, I hope it’s ok)

    1. JV,
      Thanks for the careful commentary. As for her voice, it varies. The fluency of her arm movements is also variable. One video shows her walking on stage in a “wooden soldier” gait and arm swing. Her facial fluency is similarly variable. If she has moderate PD, levodopa will help mask most of the larger motion disorders. The problem is that blood levels swing a lot, so a stable level isn’t possible. That implies that the signs will also be variable. Like many diseases, PD is also variable in its progression. The key here is that there hasn’t been much until 2016. It seems that there’s a big jump in the last few months. For example, her coughing wasn’t frequent until very recently.

      I made a point of NOT discussing the Secret Service guy since there are many innocuous explanations.

      I hadn’t thought of bronchiectasis, but it usually has hemoptysis, and we haven’t seen that.

      The head bobbing episode is not a seizure. That’s been verified by multiple people.


      1. Hello Ted,
        You have some good points in your response, but I am still not convinced. I understand, that my attempts have not rocked your tentative diagnosis either ?
        I did mention the SS agent in the context of her freezing and her repeating “we’ll continue talking” as a response to the public shouting this to her. Did this observation change your opinion on her reaction?

        I am repeating myself, but the severity of dysphagia almost invariably parallels the progression of PD. While I cannot deny that her coughing bouts might have gotten more frequent, the fact is, that she is now a very public person, with cameras following her at all times. The coverage of her was much less intensive back in 2008 or 2012, but she still managed to show us at least two very impressing bouts.

        You haven’t addressed my observation that she is fighting the cough with plain water and lozenges, something a physician in his right mind would not have recommended.

        Also, those bouts we have observed, accured at the moments where her remaining motoric functions were in full swing without any impairment (meaning probably an optimal level of levodopa in her brain). Why should she have those bouts precisely at these times? Also, as her physician, I would probably prescribe a mild anticholinergic agent to reduce sputum production during her speeches in order to reduce salivation and risk of coughing. That should take care of the ebarrassing coughing, I would think.

        Many PD patients are not even aware of dysphagia, while HRC has very vigorous reflexes as a response to a little bit of sputum? And once again: why does she drink water to help it? This does not make sense to me. And, watching her swallow a lot of water very quickly, I can’t imagine she has just failed to dispose of a little sputum. This is not a strong argument but a little hunch which tells me, that this is probably not a PD dysphagia, we are looking at.
        The cough seems dry (except for the one where she produced the green stuff – coughed up or vomited), like with larynx spasm. Is she on antipsychotics perhaps?

        Hemoptysis occurs in bronchiectasiac patients mostly during acute infection, so this is still a possibility, I would think.

        The violent head bobbing episode might not have been a seizure, but it would have been a very strange and exceedingly short bout of dyskinesia in a patient functioning normally, smiling, conversing and walking normally. Such sudden onset of dyskinesia can be observed in patients who are otherwise visibly marked by the long standing PD.

        The episode with the balloons at the Convention I do not have a good explanation for. This may indeed be a oculogyric crisis, but here, again, the bout is exceedingly short and she recovers immediately, unlike most PD patients. Btw. Bill reacts to this immediately by looking up too and turning her round. It seems that he had seen this many times before and is ready to intervene. Funny that during her appearence at the Kimmel show, they dropped balloons as well and she tried to reproduce the “oculogyric crisis” or whatever it was, in a more normal fashion (18th minute). So, no doubt that she is acutely aware of the problem and her campaign is very good at damage control.

        Then there are her strange bouts of cackling and laughing which come at strange moments and their intensity and duration are not normal. As far as I know, such pathologic cackling is not part of the PD spectrum. What is your explanation? Is this just her psychopathy showing?

        As far I can see, my comment on YT is still invisible, even though I have sent it twice. Is it blocked somehow?

        J.v. Kopenhagen

        1. That’s a cute balloon drop. It’s obvious she’s making a joke.

          You are quite convincing regarding the cough. I’m willing to entertain a different diagnosis for it. But it alone is enough to destroy Lisa Bardack’s letter. She doesn’t address it. Therefore her letter represents either incompetence or deliberate fraud.

          I’ve gotten a number of comments from PD families indicating that they think I’m on the money. The signs I’ve identified were initially pointed out to me by PD caregivers and sufferers. They are not primary diagnostic signs, but are in fact quite common in PD. If you consider the task of Movement Disorder specialists, it’s to manage the big stuff. Thus, they look at the rigidity, major tremors, bradykinesia and dyskinesia. They will generally work to elicit those signs as well as to manage the ones that manifest. The minor issues, such a odd hand postures, bug eyes, and so on, are simply not enough to concern themselves with. In the vernacular, they have bigger fish to fry. You’ve obviously been duplicating some of the research task I’ve undertaken. And I appreciate it. As you’ve been researching, you probably noticed that there is basically nothing in the literature about these things. But the families recognize them immediately. On lady said that at the balloon drop, she saw her late Aunt, who she had cared for for 12 years before she died of PD. Thus, I find the literature-based objection to the “softer signs” wanting.

          I haven’t commented on the cackling, but PD families comment on it as part of PD. But it doesn’t get listed in the big books because it’s not central to the therapy. A screwy laugh just isn’t as important as how you walk,

          1. Oh yes! One can learn a lot from talking, not only to our patients, but also to their families. I love such conversations, and I am often lucky to have time for it.

            HRC may have secondary parkinsonism after her head injury, for example, and suffers also from side effects of levodopa, which is why her presentation is not quite textbook for PD. So, we both may be right. Her cough might be due to her primary neurological problem, or quite unrelated.
            Whatever it is, she seems to be folding, which is sad but good for the US and the world. I hope.

            Best regards,

        1. First and foremost, Hillary Clinton is a human being. She is a Patient 1st, President 2nd.

          If she does have a defective DBS then she requires that to be surgically repaired now rather than pursue the campaign trail only to perish from aspiration pneumonia.

          Dr David Waghorn

          1. This is implicit for you and me, doctor. Let us hope she gets better soon.
            What we see here is a huge medical-medial cover-up of her health issues. Under these circumstances, a pretty criminal operation in and of itself.

            Good day from Denmark,
            J.v. Kopenhagen

    1. I’ve read a couple of recent articles that Hillary’s handler has been identified as US Secret Service agent and Detail Leader Todd Madison. Here’s a ink to one of the articles.

      I did a search for Oladotun A. Okunola, M.D. and found he practices at The Dermatology Group in Morristown, NJ. That’s all I could find on him. Do you have any further information about him?

      1. “After discharges during cortical stimulation at different frequencies and intensities”

        Gholam K. Motamed, Oladotun Okunola, Christopher G. Kalhorn, Navid Mostofi, Yuko Mizuno-Matsumoto, Yong-won Cho, Kimford J. Meador

        The occurrence of unwanted after discharges (ADs) impedes cortical stimulation for mapping purposes. We investigated the safety of several stimulation paradigms.

        Stimulation using 50 Hz frequency with a pulse width of 0.2 ms might be safer during cortical mapping.


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