Hillary – Why She Can’t Think

As you know, sometimes you just aren’t ready to do the work. That hit me yesterday, and to some extent, today. But the task is critical, and what may be the last video before the election is up. So I’ve assembled the argument on why Hillary can’t be allowed to become President. This video has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the disease she is manifesting. Share it with everyone you know.

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  1. You are on the money she has made some terrible decisions. The biggest is why run for President when you know you are ill and you have all the money you could ever need or use ? She would have walked away free and clear if she had never run, now she is facing investigation after investigation and the probability of life in jail.
    Her decision making is “suboptimal” is the word used by her closest friends.
    I really hope she does not get elected, as the USA will be thrown into a constitutional crisis, which does not seem to concern her at all.

    1. Your observation is correct: Hillary’s biggest mistake in judgement has been to run for the office of president. She knows that she has Parkinson’s disease, and she knows that it impairs her functioning.

      I think that the Democrats have pushed the American people too far this time.

  2. It has already been a couple of months since Dr. Noel made a presumptive diagnosis of Hillary’s Parkinson’s disease based on the physical signs that all of us were able to observe.

    After watching this video, I was curious about Dr. Noel’s logic in coming to the presumptive diagnosis that Hillary’s health-situation is even more serious, namely that she suffers from Parkinson’s dementia, which diagnosis is based on symptoms and not physical signs; I was curious as to how it was that Dr. Noel zeroed in on Hillary’s faculties of judgement. After a bit of research, I came up with the following:

    In this video, Dr. Noel emphasizes Hillary’s impaired judgement. Impaired judgement is often a symptom of Parkinson’s disease and can exist even before the patient is evaluated as having dementia. If the impaired judgement is combined with another symptom, such as impaired memory, impaired communication and language, impaired ability to focus and pay attention, or impaired visual perception, then the patient can be given a diagnosis of dementia. [See the website below.]

    When Hillary was questioned by Congress during the initial email investigation, she invoked the expression “I don’t recall” about three dozen times; this could well be an indication of an impaired memory. [See the website below.]

    Therefore, Hillary would qualify for a presumptive diagnosis of Parkinson’s dementia since she has demonstrated both impaired judgement and an impaired memory. Therefore, Dr. Noel’s presumptive diagnosis that Hillary is suffering from Parkinson’s dementia is correct.

    Dr. Noel lists several situations in this video for which he describes Hillary’s judgement as not just impaired, but as being “horrendous.” These situations were 1/ having a private server in her basement, 2/ having the Muslim Huma Abedin as her chief of staff, 3/ Benghazi, and 4/ the Russian reset-button fiasco. One would have to agree that for an individual who has been involved in politics all of her adult life, Hillary has displayed exceedingly poor judgement.

    In light of the foregoing, Dr. Noel’s closing paragraph in this video does not at all overstate the case:

    “Reasoning toward a forward objective is badly impaired in Parkinson’s dementia. The evidence, that is, the physical evidence shows clearly that Hillary is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. When we go further, the mental evidence, displayed with absolute horrendous judgement – confirmed in the words of her closest associates – shows us that Hillary Clinton is a manifest hazard to the United States simply by walking into the oval office. This is someone who should never be allowed to have any position of responsibility whatever.” [Dr. Ted Noel]

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