Hillary Clinton Probably Has a Deep Brain Stimulator

After a long conversation with a pioneer in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, it has become clear that the questionable MRI image that was tweeted is most likely genuine. There are elements in it that strongly suggest that Hillary does indeed have a Deep Brain Stimulator to reduce her Parkinson’s Disease signs. But it took someone intimately familiar with all aspects of the technology to sort it out.

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Hillary’s Parkinson’s – Wikileaks Update

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  1. Dr. Noel,

    Congratulations! We’ll never know how much of an influence Hillary’s ill-health had on the outcome of the election; however, it is possible that it was the decisive factor. In that regard, your contribution to exposing the true nature of the seriousness of her health-situation cannot be underestimated.

    Those of us who followed your ongoing analysis of Hillary’s health realize the significant role you and your collaborators played in this most dramatic election.

    I am glad that I set aside the projects that I was working on in order to spend the past two months promoting your videos on various websites.

    Being a son of the Rust Belt, I understand what the people here have been going through over the past several decades. We have been impatiently waiting for someone like Trump to forcefully address the situation.

    Since many people from the Rust Belt have retired to Florida, their votes for Trump may well have been decisive. The Rust Belt and Florida assured a Trump victory. Counting Michigan, Arizona, and Alaska, Trump totaled 306 electoral votes. It was the average Americans from the Heartland, Middle America, “Fly-over Country,” that sent a clear message to Wall Street and Hollywood, that they will have a voice in the future of our nation.

    Hillary’s Parkinson’s disease, of course, will not go away. The day will come when the truth about her health will be made widely public. As you said in one of your early interviews, “The horse is out of the barn.” They will not be able to cover this up forever.

    Mission accomplished!

    Best regards,


  2. Dr. Noel, I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I work as an Nurse Practitioner now but I had many years of RN experience on a neurosurgical floor so my assessment skills are pretty decent. During the summer when I really began to watch the election closely I noticed something was off about Hillary but it wasn’t until I found your site that I finally was able to put it all together. I was not only very concerned (for obvious reasons) about a Hillary Presidency but the thought of someone with a neurodegenerative disease terrified me. Last night was a wonderful night for all Americans (even if some don’t think so) and again, watching your videos has been therapeutic for me. Cheers!

  3. Check this:

    Screening For Those With DBS
    For those with DBS, traveling by air gets a little more complicated.
    You can go through the security line until you reach the metal detector.
    Do not go through the metal detector. If you go through the metal detector, your neurostimulator device may set off the alarm and the security equipment may turn off the neurostimulator.
    If they try to force you to go through the detection device or be screened by means of a security wand device, calmly and firmly insist that you need a pat-down instead.
    The TSA employee will call for a male or female “assist” to provide the pat down, and will advise you where to wait.
    When the pat-down person arrives, repeat to this person that you need a pat-down. If they asks you “why,” tell him or her that you have an implanted medical device. Don’t try to explain the intricacies of DBS.

    So I guess it would!

  4. Dr Noel, I posted earlier on HRC’s reluctance to go through a metal detector when she went to testify on Benghazi. Would a DBS be detected by a metal detector?

    “also USSS will need to coordinate with Capitol hill security. i want
    to know in advance if they are going to fight with us about HRC going
    through a mag. Usss can reach out directly unless Mac wants to be the
    go between.”

    “He did mention that the entrance plan would be that her car (and any cars with her) would pull up to the front entrance, Secretary Clinton herself would *not* have to go through metal detector/security, but all those arriving within her “from Mr. Kendall on down” would have to do so”

  5. According to a leading manufacturer of DBS systems in its published resources for radiology professionals ‘MRI Guidelines for Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Systems’

    Such systems require an ‘RF transmit/receive head coil’ in place to prevent overheating of metalwork within the brain during scanning.

    This is indicated on scans as ‘HEAD’ (at 5:10) – which is not for the convenience of the Neuroradiologist of the area scanned.

    1. From my expert…
      Almost all MRI scanners used require the patients head to be placed within a cage like coil so that high resolution information can be obtained. It has nothing to do with safety issues. You cannot scan an area of interest like the brain or knee without having the area surrounded by an RF transmit/receive coil and expect to obtain thin section images with high resolution. The presence or need for a coil has nothing to do with safety issues. Even more instructive is that patients with pacemakers or people with intracerebral aneurysm clips placed prior to around 1984 cannot undergo MRI scans. Just being in the magnet bore could cause heating of the leads, tissue damage or coil migration. Again, the RF coil is designed to enable us to obtain the highest quality data so that when the Fourier Transformation is done to convert the data into an image it produces the highest image quality possible. It has nothing whatsoever to do with patient safety.

      The presence of the word “HEAD” on the image is of course not for the physician as its clear to any doctor this is an image of a brain. The HEAD is just a data entry point the technician who types in all the demographic data does when setting up for a scan. Often times the myriad of scanning protocols are organized under category headings used to scan that body part, i.e. specific saved imaging parameters one might use for the Brain, the Knee, the Shoulder, etc and sometimes the body part such as HEAD could be from the protocol selection list one is choosing from. Or, the HEAD can indicate what specific coil is being used. But its not body specific, i,e, if I scan someones knee and I do it in a head coil (one designed by engineers for use with a head) the scan header data will likely indicate HEAD although I am scanning a knee. We used to do this back in the mid 80’s when the head coils we had were the highest resolution available and so we would scan people’s knees in the head coil until specific knee coils were developed. Most head coils still are better than the knee coils and allow scanning with the highest resolution and signal to noise ratios!! But again, the coil type being used has nothing to do with patient safety.

    1. My expert, and he’s a serious expert, didn’t even think of SVD. I didn’t mention it in the video, but he pointed out a bit of blood inside the circle on the scan.

  6. Dr. Noel.

    Once again a very helpful summary of your impressions. In reviewing the MR of HRC’s brain, I don’t see evidence of the DBS. Is it because of the T2/ T1 weighting? Or am I missing its presence on that view?

  7. Thanks again, Dr. Noel. Does anything in the videos from this year tell us about the hypothesis of the use of deep brain stimulation for Ms. Clinton?
    Particularly, do your colleagues familiar with this technique see anything consistent, corroborating or contradictory, as in the case of the “Speech-freeze/Keep-talking” event or the “Chai Tea” episode?

    1. DBS won’t affect freezes. DBS does reduce dyskinesias. But even the best treatment is less good than normal. Also, the details of the treatment are commonly adjusted from time to time because of changing circumstances.

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