It Hasn’t Gone Away

Even though our focus on Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease has moved on, occasionally something pops up. BadLipReading did a piece on the Inauguration. In it a few frames of Hillary were used, and this picture caught my eye.

It’s not dramatic, but it’s clear. Her left eye is almost straight at the camera, and her right eye is pointed significantly left of that. I doubt if the video crew at BadLipReading even paid any attention since their focus is on verbal and visual comedy. But having been tuned in to it, I saw it instantly. One of you sent me a note a couple of days ago about another crossing episode that I also saw. So we made no mistake. She’s got continuing problems.

Curiously, we’re seeing reports now that she either wants to run for Mayor of New York City (legal, even though she does not reside in NYC) or to become a talk show host. These seem to be attempts to keep herself alive as a possible presidential candidate in 2020. Can you spell D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L? The Democratic Party will firmly resist any such efforts on her part, since she proved that she couldn’t even win against a beatable Republican.

We should also note that such delusional thinking is consistent with our discussion in the WikiLeaks video, where emails described her “not being in a good head space,” “not on the same planet,” and “making terrible decisions.” Her Parkinson’s Dementia appears to be unabated.

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  1. He also said Hillary needing the prism glasses (forgive me if I got the term wrong) was “brain damage”! I would guess that needed to be silenced. And that Dr Drew was gravely concerned about her health and quality of healthcare. I’m a huge fan of him for his work on addiction. And it sickens me that he may have lost part of his livelihood for daring to opine on HRCs health. But I know you have mentioned that is a real concern for practicing MDs who might wish to speak out.

    1. There is strong circumstantial evidence supporting that view. Pinsky only challenged an archaic way to treat her hypothyroidism. That shouldn’t get anyone upset. But apparently they couldn’t stand ANY examination of her health.

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