Obamacare May Be Killing People – Brian Franke in the Federalist

The theory is that if more people have insurance, more people will live longer. We already know from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment that it just ain’t so. Now, a careful analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that it’s worse than we thought. 3% MORE people are dying from disease since Obamacare came in 2010. That’s after we account for all of the non-disease ways to die (drug overdose, car accident, and so on). Read more…

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Narcotic, Pain, and Medicaid in New Jersy – Alieta Eck, MD

When problems with government rules arise, the response is more government. It’s very clear that government rules control Medicaid, and the result is rotten care. What we need is less government and more charity care. But charity is functionally illegal under Medicare rules.

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