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Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network. He wanted me on his show to talk about me! Hopefully I was able to give enough credit to you, my wonderful research team. Podcast here.

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  1. Regarding PodCast #10 Titled …..Lets the losers control the winners. I have come to realize We the People are the losers. Why we won’t get rid of Obama Care, because Congress is not required to join it and Congress doesn’t want to take a chance that Pres. Trump would also exclude them in a new Bill. Sure they all ran on REPEAL OBAMA CARE, collected tons of money and kept their seats never believing Hildabeast won’t win so they were safe. Now they aren’t and they are caught and have to block Trump all the while looking like they are working their asses off to bring what they promised. But they now can’t get all Republicans to sign on to. Are we surprised? Should’t be if you know who the losers are, US.
    Regarding PodCast #10 This also covers us losers, the public. They passed Bill after Bill to BUILD THE WALL, Republicans thrilled to sign on knowing if it would reach Obama’s desk he would veto it. Again they felt safe and since no one would beat Hildabeast, rest assured no wall would be built. And once again they are collecting tons of money ’cause they will build the wall!
    Republicans will work against Trump, gain favor with the Press and hope against hope that they can keep their seats in 2018. And just in case they can’t, they are grabbing all the cash they can beg, borrow and steal.

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