Podcast #11 – Congress Isn’t Making Sausage It’s Making Haggis

There hasn’t been a lot of hard news to look at lately. But Congress continues to flail away, supposedly fixing this and that. And it has done one thing. It passed a Continuing Resolution for the rest of the fiscal year. And it’s chewing on the American Health Care Act, trying to get it into a form that can pass. It’s been said the Congressional work is like making sausage, the result is (or can be) good, but no one likes to see it made. In this case, I think it’s a bit more like haggis. I’ve never tasted it, but its reputation is…


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  1. Congress needs to return to Regular Order. Pass 12 Appropriation Bills separately . But even with that they still build in a whole lot of crap for their States. Anyway, there wouldn’t be the “we are running out of money to run the government” each Fall. There is no way to stop them from continuing to rob us, We the People. If ever the true story of how Congress operates, just maybe things could be different. Well that’s after all of Congress flees town. Can’t remember who said the following just recently but it’s a good idea. If a Continuing Resolution hast to be put in play it must fund all that it must fund but with an automatic 1% reduction for all Departments, except Military. In this way we should root for CRs back to back to back, works for me.

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