Podcast 33 – The Mental Status of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Leftwing pundits and doctors have been screaming that Donald Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But how does he match the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual? And, by the way, what about the elephant in the room, Madam Pantsuit Hillary Clinton?

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A California judge has ruled that Starbucks must put a cancer warning label on coffee, even though coffee is good for you, and the chemical they’re upset about is also good for you in coffee. California is truly the land of Fruits and Nuts. Listen… Watch…

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Podcast 34 – Las Vegas and Gun Control Nonsense

Most predictably, the Left is screaming that guns are the reason the Las Vegas shooter acted to kill 59 people. Supposedly if we enacted “commonsense gun restrictions,” we’d be safer. But how do those claims stack up to reality? Or watch on YouTube…

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