Post-Debate Analysis #1

Post-debate medical thoughts

I’m getting lots of mail on the question of Parkinson’s Disease signs in the debate. It wasn’t very fertile ground. There are some soft items, but probably not enough for a video. I’ll use HRC as short for Hillary Clinton… Timing is on the ABC15 news video.

General thoughts:
Remember that PD is an “up and down” disease. During periods of good levodopa levels, an early to middle stage sufferer can look and act very normally.

One correspondent thought HRC was blinking too much. But PD sufferers often slow down (not speed up) their blinking. Dry eyes are a common result. HRC’s blinking looked normal. But that’s not a change. I haven’t seen any reduced blinking with HRC.

There’s one momentary example, but it may be simply raising eyebrows in response to a Trump comment.

“Loss of Vergence”
At 1:20:04 HRC’s left eye dramatically overshot as her gaze shifted a bit left.


Within an eye blink it came back to proper convergence with the left eye. Moments later it overshot slightly to the right before coming into proper convergence. This sort of phenomenon would not be visible unless you were looking for it because it was “there and gone.” It didn’t happen enough to get the attention of commentators.

This one is an inverse comment. When I posted the first video, several people argued that HRC’s head nodding episodes were not tremors, but tics. A tic doesn’t last for 408 nods as Bloomberg counted. But let’s assume it was a tic. Why wasn’t it there at all for the roughly 45 minutes that HRC was listening?

 The absence of head nodding during the passive parts of the debate strongly suggests that it’s not a tic, but rather a tremor that was suppressed by good medical therapy timed to give the best public impression.

PD sufferers tend to develop a short-step shuffling gait. HRC has not demonstrated this in any obvious form. Recent changes in physical therapy training have shown that PD patients can overcome this with various maneuvers. One is to use a metronome to create a “marching” gait that keeps moving. With practice, the metronome can be mental.

 As I watched HRC walk in (00:01:07-00:01:14), I was struck that she looked like a wooden soldier. Her arm swing and stride looked almost like a goose step. It lacked the natural fluidity and variability of Donald Trump. When compared to video of 20 years ago, it’s definitely stiffer. This suggests PD with gait training.

In my “Field Guide Extra #2” I discussed the SpeechEasy earpieces for PD. HRC came with a hairstyle that exposed her ears and showed no such device. But her speech sounded about “two notches too loud for comfort.” This could be the result of attempting to consciously keep her volume up. Unfortunately, it’s just a speculation.

“Hand postures”
This one is another winner. At about 1:08:42 we see a very normal hand gesturing position


that in 15 seconds turns into


Hillary’s team did an excellent job with medical preparation. And she got lucky with no freezes. We saw a little breakthrough of her movement disorder, but it wasn’t enough to get the attention of the newsies.

My first reaction was to doubt my own earlier assessments. But then I started digging carefully, and there’s enough to keep us confident that something big is hiding between her ears.

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  1. I agree, she was well rested and well primed/optimized medically to do her best. I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t show any symptoms. Her symptoms show up with increased activity, when she has 2-3 days of events. Then you can see her weak, fading and her eyes losing convergence /coughing.
    The 3 things I noticed after the debate, A Handler came out to retrieve , what looked like her water glass and a bottle of water almost as soon as they were finished, which seemed very odd , like they might have contained something( medicine) they didn’t want anyone to see or get a hold of. The other thing I noticed was her podium had a light, that Trump did not have. Some speculate it was a computer screen. I was wondering if it was there to block any possible flashing lights causing a freeze event. I also noticed she was guided in and out with a flashlight. (none for Trump). The other thing I have noticed for a long time… she always drinks from a glass. It just seems like a sealed water bottle would be safer ( since they are worried the Russians are poisoning her and causing her coughing;-) When she had the coughing episode on the plane, someone handed her a bottle of water and she refused it and took a glass of H20 instead, I think the reason is… Patients with dysphagia are taught the Neck Tuck/ Neck Down position to prevent aspiration, and it is difficult to do that drinking from a bottle. I really enjoy your web site. I have been saying long before the “Stumble”, she is not well…Thanks to people like you and others they can’t lie to us and hide the truth.

    1. Correction from my note above: it is chin tuck/chin down drinking technique taught to dysphagia patients to prevent aspiration and it is easier to do drinking from a glass then a bottle..

  2. The following video made me look more closely at the first debate video:

    Here are all the finger/thumb twitches I found during the first debate. All time stamps listed below start at the first syllable of the following words: “…news. I want to welcome you to the…” (using this video: Actually if you go to this referenced video, you can find my post in the comments section and click on the time stamps to automatically go there in the original video.

    1) 10:19 – 10:22 – right fingers squeeze twice then right middle finger twitches
    2) 17:28 – 17:33 – left thumb twitches 5-6 times
    3) 17:51 – 17:55 – possibly playing with pen or cough drops?
    4) 33:09 – 33:12 – right fingers twitch inward then thumb(s) twitch 3-5 times
    5) 52:07 – 52:11 – right thumb twitches 6 times
    6) 52:21 – 52:28 – right thumb twitch then index finger twitch
    7) 54:35 – 54:40 – ***right index finger twitches 8 times***
    8) 1:01:39 – 1:01:41 – ***right index finger twitches 6 times, moving up/down/outward/inward***
    9) 1:03:36 – 1:03:40 – all fingers twitch back towards her
    10) 1:15:53 – 1:15:54 – index finger twitches to the left
    11) 1:28:27 – 1:28:29 – right index finger twitches twice
    12) 1:30:56 – 1:30:59 – index finger twitches 3 times against cough drop

    Also, cough drops are seen clearly at the following times:

    1. This is a phenomenal example of what I need from researchers. Using, I’m now checking every time stamp. Your #2 starts 10 seconds after HRC has her right hand in the “3rd finger above the others” hand posture I mentioned in other videos. Unfortunately, the angle doesn’t show us what we need… 🙁

  3. Ok I found a video showing the candidates arrival at the debate hall.

    At the 1M:34S mark It shows Donald Trump arriving at the hall and his protection escorts him inside without flashlights.

    At the 30M:30S mark the Clintons arrive (there is some bad artifacting on this clip, I am looking for a better one) but once again flashlights are used to help the Clintons into the hall.

    I just find it strange that there seem to always be flashlights in the Secretary’s protection and not in Donald Trumps. I think there could be a simple explanation if she wasn’t suck a fall risk, but in this case I think her detail knows she needs as much help walking as possible. Lighting the path can also act as a target in the off chance there is a freeze. Her Gate is also somewhat wooden in this clip.

  4. Dr Noel ,

    I also see the use of flashlight after the debate as a possible “target” beginning at the 10:58 mark Sec and Pres. Clinton are walking out to the now infamous Scooby van. What appear to be Secret Service agents are using flashlights to light the path. At the 11:22 mark Both the Pres and Sec get different flash light beams, but the Presidents is fixed at the door of the van and the Secretary’s is beamed in front of her as she approaches the drivers side of the van as though it was a target.

    The thought occurred to me, maybe this is a standard protocol for the Sec. Service, that is until Donald Trump walks out at the 12:57 mark and there isn’t a single flashlight deployed. Obviously the lighting in the path is the exact same.

    Not definitive, but it is interesting that it fits with the targeting method to “unfreeze” a PD sufferer.

  5. A couple of thoughts.

    1. There is a video that presents the idea the Sec Clinton was signaling Holt when she wanted to throw up a zinger. The main focus was her itching her face. I for one have never noticed her touching her face as often as she did on Monday.

    2. Some have claimed she was blinking a lot. I thought she was as well, but I wasn’t sure.

    I did some searching and I did find that a “common” side effects of Sinemet (carbidopa-levodopa) is itching and you should tell your doctor if you experience greatly increased eye blinking/twitching. (see:

    Given the importance of the debate and the need to maintain for 90 minutes I would think a PD sufferer would more then likely be treated with some form of levodopa.

  6. I just thought of something else that a man might not notice. Surely someone who is a presidential candidate can afford to have her clothes tailored to fit. Why were Mrs. Clinton’s
    pants baggy and too long so that there was a messy ankle length? Did they fit until she lowered the waist to accommodate more bulk at the waist? This really isn’t trivial. It looked sloppy when all her handlers from the medication people, to the hair stylist, and hair coloring person, to pancake makeup team did such an impeccable job.
    ann crickmer, msw

  7. The outline of a device and wire on Hillary’s back as seen after the Sept. 26 debate is speculated to be the electronics for an invisible “spy earpiece.”

    One model is called “The Invisible Blue-Tooth Ear Piece,” said to be designed for the Secret Service.

    There are excellent photos at this website. There is a photo from the Commander-in-Chief Forum, and photos from the Sept. 26, debate.

    Cheating Hillary Wore Cheap eBay Spy Earpiece During Debate

    Posted by EU Times on Sept. 28th, 2016

    According to multiple observations and compiled reports, we have come to the conclusion that Hillary was bugged with a Spy Earpiece during the first Presidential Debate.

    Hillary Clinton cheated heavily and by the looks of it her so-called mock debate preparations, were only preparations on how to cheat and speak what she is being dictated in her ear piece.

    After Hillary was caught wearing an outdated old-fashion visible earpiece on NBC with Matt Lauer, Hillary’s team decided it was time to upgrade to a much more sophisticated device which cannot be seen as easily. Hillary’s earpiece on Matt Lauer’s forum [1st photo] was even confirmed by the NYPD.

    Now check this out! Hillary was caught wearing a state-of the art earpiece known as Wireless Inductive Neckloop Earpiece during her first Presidential Debate, with Lester Holt, coincidentally, again on NBC. Even though the device is super complex, it can be bought on at about $14-18 depending on the seller. Just go to eBay and search for spy earpiece and see for yourself. There are many variants of Neckloops and we don’t know for sure which variations she used BUT, she did use one with magnetic micro earpieces.

    My comments:

    There are video demonstrations on how the device Hillary wore operates.

    There are also photos of the man who took Hillary’s notes from her lectern and walked away with them.

  8. Did anyone else notice that while Mr. Trump drank from a glass frequently, as would be normal during a long period of talking, Mrs. Clinton never had a drink. I did not see a glass, much less to her lips. My hypothesis (unconfirmable) suggest that she is bladder incontinent and avoids any liquids to minimize accidental leakage. I worked with people with neurologically degenerative Multiple Sclerosis for many years and this was a common “technique” to cope with this problem. No wonder her staff can’t get her to drink to avoid the dehydration that she persistently experiences. And avoiding the bathroom when anyone else is around could be just strange psychologically, however I think it suggests a problem in that area that she is ashamed of, and does not want others to know about.
    ann crickmer, msw

  9. Dr Noel,
    Love your analyses. Keep em coming. But can you have your Web designer change your site so that the icons for Facebook, Twitter etc do not appear in the middle of the articles (at least on my android phone), which annoyingly blocks the content, and maybe put them in a fixed position at the end of your articles instead?

    1. I’ll second that motion; and, while you are at it, could you make it easier to log in and get back to the site? The way it is now, when I log in, it goes to Profile. From there, one has to click on Vidzette at the top left, and then on Visit Site. Then, in order to post a comment, one has to click on comments again.

      It is possible that some would-be posters become discouraged because of this complicated process.

      You are doing an excellent job, by the way.

  10. What are your observations with HRC’s “shimmy”? Looks like she goes into the bobbling, although slight and short-lived this time.

    Also, have you listened to Dr. Drew & Dr. Bruce’s podcast from 9/19/16? You concur on several observations, although they speculate HRC exhibits Parkinsonism, not the progressive Parkinson’s Disease. They have lots to say on her “constellation of medical problems” and how “crazy rare”, “highly unusual” and “highly dangerous they can be if not managed properly.” They are deeply concerned about her coagulation problems which interestingly can be a side effect of the Armor Thyroid you mention. Podcast is rich in information. Disclaimer – Bob Forrest’s input is a bit annoying at times on this podcast, but still worth the listen. (Not sure his role, comedic value?)
    Thank you for your courage to comment on these alarming episodes of our presidential candidate. Be safe.

  11. The following Associated Press (AP) article is now the Headline story on Drudge; Tuesday, 8:00 pm est.

    Poll: Just 36% Think She’s Healthy

    The poll was conducted Sept. 15 through Sept. 19, 2016.

    My comment: Dr. Lisa Bardack is not mentioned by name. The 9/11 collapse incident is referred to as “stumbling.” There is no mention of a possible neurological disorder or Parkinson’s Disease.

    Following is the last paragraph:

    “The public is feeding off the impressions they’ve received, but that’s not borne out by the letters of health,” said Dr. Howard Selinger, chair of family medicine at Quinnipiac University.

    Below are excerpts from the article:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The “stamina,” the “look”: A new poll suggests voters are buying in to Donald Trump’s insinuations about Hillary Clinton’s health. They’re ignoring the medical reports.

    Voters — especially men — have more confidence that Trump is healthy enough for the presidency than Clinton, according to the Associated Press-GfK poll.
    It’s a disconnect considering Clinton has released more medical information than Trump, and that outside doctors who’ve looked at the available data say both candidates seem fine. But it shows the political points Trump scored after the Democratic nominee’s much-publicized mild case of pneumonia.

    Another gender divide: Nearly half of women but just 4 in 10 men think Clinton’s health is getting too much attention, found the poll, which was taken before the presidential candidates’ debate on Monday.


    The AP-GfK poll found 51 percent of voters are very or extremely confident that Trump is healthy enough to be president. In contrast, just over a third of voters — 36 percent — had the same confidence in Clinton’s health.


    Clinton, 68, last year released more detail about her own health history only to buy trouble earlier this month by refusing to take a sick day until a public stumble forced her to reveal the pneumonia diagnosis. But Monday she rebutted Trump’s talk of stamina by wondering if he could match her grueling schedule as a secretary of state — traveling to 112 countries, negotiating peace deals, spending 11 hours testifying before a congressional committee.

    What exactly do we know about their health? Neither has released their actual medical records, just a summary from their personal physicians with no way to know if anything important was left out.

    Yet another disconnect: The AP-GfK poll found nearly 4 in 10 voters don’t consider such a release important, and another 2 in 10 say it’s only moderately important.

    Trump’s gastroenterologist in December released a four-paragraph letter saying the GOP nominee would be “the healthiest individual ever elected.” Earlier this month, Trump took to “The Dr. Oz Show” to say he felt great, while releasing a bit more detail, such as his cholesterol levels and cancer screenings.

    Bottom line: Trump takes a cholesterol-lowering statin medication and a baby aspirin, has some mild plaque in his arteries and is overweight — but was declared generally in good health.

    Last summer, Clinton’s internist released a two-page letter detailing her family history, prior exams including lab test results, and some prior ailments that have healed — including a 2012 concussion and blood clot Clinton suffered after becoming dehydrated from a stomach virus and fainting. This month, a second letter outlined the mild pneumonia and revealed some updated check-up results.

    Bottom line: Clinton takes a blood thinner as a precaution given a history of blood clots, as well as a thyroid medication and allergy relievers — but also was declared generally in good health.

    Some doctors say just watching how the candidates handle a physically demanding campaign trail and the cognitive finesse needed to debate can give voters a good idea of health.

    But while the public may not pay attention to cholesterol tests and EKGs, it was hard to miss that image of Clinton stumbling.

    “The public is feeding off the impressions they’ve received, but that’s not borne out by the letters of health,” said Dr. Howard Selinger, chair of family medicine at Quinnipiac University.

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