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  1. Thank you so much Dr Noel.
    It has been informative, interesting and fun. The threat to the USA is averted and we have all gained a knowledge and understanding of PD.
    Hopefully those unfortunate souls who have this condition will benefit from you highlighting the problems of this disease.
    God bless and I wish you well in your future adventures.

  2. Thank you Dr. Noel for keeping the question of Hillary’s health alive. It seems, just like everything else in the news, incidents are forgotten by the public after a short time. I am sure you helped to keep her out of the White House. I was amazed at how many very intelligent people thought she had pneumonia when the 9/11 incident occurred. I am curious to know if the public will ever truly find out what her exact problem is. My family and I are definitely not Hillary fans, but now she can go home and take care of her problems….something her family should have insisted on if they had her real interests at heart. And….best of all, our country can have a new start.

  3. Thank-you, Dr Noel – your videos and verbal explanations were immensely enlightening and must have been a contributory factor to voters questioning Hillary’s suitability for the White House. Well done and all my best wishes for the future!!


  4. Hello Dr Noel!

    You have been, likewise, wonderful. I am grateful for all the effort you put into this project. Your integrity really stands out & I knew I could count on you as a trustworthy source regarding Hillary’s state of health. I suspect your web of influence was huge, if other visitors to your website did as I did, freely recommending your videos to family & friends. Be well and enjoy a good rest!

  5. You have encouraged us all Dr. Noel in feeling free to express important realities in the public sector to people who would otherwise remain ignorant of these facts. I have learned a lot about how most people just do not want to perceive reality. The matrix of fantasy in which most of the world lives their lives is nigh impenetrable. A fact which saddens me greatly. In my life I have
    had the mistaken assumption that others want to know the truth, what is real, so that they can
    make rational decisions. But apparently they are too frightened.
    At least, in this instance, you and your researchers were there to make it available to those who could “hear”. It may yet not be too late for the species. A real person to lead our country is at least a start.
    Ann Crickmer, MSW

  6. Thanks for your videos. Although I am a paraplegic and empathize with disabled persons, the Presidency is no place for someone in sub-optimal health. You have helped point out her deficiency – she had no place asking the public to give her that job, especially without disclosure.

    I’d like to see you take on changing the public’s attitude toward GMO crops and GMO modified animals. Just yesterday, Key Haven rejected 65-35 a test of a GMO modified mosquito shown to reduce their populations by upwards of 95%. Further, GMO crops have greatly reduced human hunger. The public needs to lose their fears.

    Best regards

  7. Dr. Noel,

    Your videos have me hooked! I think you should continue your analyses of Hillary’s condition as it progresses. I’ve learned more about Parkinson’s than I ever imagined. I realize that she will likely become much less visible as she presumably exits the political world, but given her celebrity status, she’ll probably still make appearances now and then. Please continue your fascinating Hillary PD dissections!

  8. One project that I would recommend would be to petition Congress to pass legislation to require that all seekers of higher office, as well as appointees to cabinet positions and judgeships, be thoroughly examined by a team of various medical professionals.

  9. Thank you, thank you Dr. Noel!!!!! You are a true patraiot and American hero. I know beyond a doubt you were a major factor in President-elect Trump’s victory! I will monotor your sight in the future and hope to see you are still in the fight. God Bless!!

  10. Dr Noel, Thank you. Your steady hand at the Vidzette tiller help us tremendously. I only hope that Sec Clinton can now focus on living her life to the fullest with the best health care she can find. I firmly believe that had she won her health would have declined much faster. It always amazes me how the office of the President ages its occupant. Whatever direction Vidzette goes I will follow. Thank you. Eric

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