The Mission Continues

At this point, the way forward for Vidzette isn’t entirely clear. The initial task of denying the White House to a mental invalid has been accomplished. Our part in it may never be fully accounted, but I am proud to have stood up in the battle. I am also very proud of all of you who searched out the materials I was able to use.

Now we must consider how we go forward. One possibility is a series dealing with how government involvement in health care is destroying health care. There is a vast amount of information, and the news will supply more. Other issues may deserve attention. At this point, I am uncertain. Your input is solicited.

One thing is clear. The time pressure and intensity of the campaign required far more attention than I can reasonably sustain in the long haul.  That means that whatever the new project is, it won’t be on a daily basis. Once a week may even be difficult. Time will tell. As for continuing reportage on Hillary Clinton, I don’t see the need. She no longer has a political future, other than as a demonstration that no one is above the law. An orange jump suit would look right on her.

You’ve made Vidzette a place with value. I will endeavor to keep it that way.

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  3. Regarding the image of the chess pieces on the VidZette website: What I see is a White King lying on the board between a standing Black King and Queen; dutifully on watch is a Black Knight.

    Now, I might be over-analyzing things; however, it has occurred to me that this image just might be misconstrued as some sort of symbolism. One could interpret this image as the Black King, Obama, along with the Black Queen, Michelle, standing over the dead body of the White King, and the Black Knight (the U.S. Military) ready to be employed as the Black King and Queen see fit.

    May I suggest that either with this software or with eventual replacement software that the White King and Queen be the ones that are standing, with a White Knight at the ready, and the Black King lying on the board. You could even place a few White Pawns in front of the White Knight since it was the pawns that were behind the successful revolution.

    Of course, I just might be reading too much into the image of the chess pieces.

  4. How long has Hillary Clinton known that she has Parkinson’s disease? According to medical professionals, individuals can have Parkinson’s disease for more than fifty years and then die from other causes.

    Hillary’s Parkinson’s has been described by knowledgeable individuals as being in the advanced stages; this would mean that she has had PD for at least ten to fifteen years, and, it is possible that she had signs of PD as long as twenty-five years ago. It’s possible that Hillary has been using Parkinson’s medication to allay the signs and symptoms so that she has been able to conceal the disease.

    However, in 2016, knowledgeable individuals began noticing Parkinson’s tremors during Hillary’s campaigning: pill-rolling tremors and a head-nodding tremor. The Parkinson’s, unique hand-posture was also noticed. Also noticeable were dyskinesias that were side-effects of the Parkinson’s medication, LevoDopa.

    One frequent dyskinesia was strabismus (crossed-eyes) that Hillary could not hide. Another dyskinesia was the head-bobbing that occurred during a walking-interview on June 10, 2016; it was mislabeled as a seizure.

    A Parkinson’s freeze was caught on video on Sept. 11 at the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony; this freeze may have been the result of Hillary’s medication running out.

    It was speculated by Dr. Ted Noel that Hillary likely underwent Deep-Brain-Stimulator surgery in late 2012 which caused a Venous Sinus Thrombosis in late December of 2012. This was the blood-clot between the brain and the skull.

    O.K.: back to the original question: How long has Hillary known that she has Parkinson’s disease? It is possible that Hillary has known since as early as 1990 – 26 years ago; at that time, she was 42 years old. It was at this time that Bill Clinton began his campaign for president. As is well known, Hillary also aspired to higher political office; when Bill was elected, she considered herself to be a co-president – remember the “blue-plate special” statement: “two for the price of one.”

    Hillary knew that in order for her to ever be elected to the office of president, there were obstacles she would have to overcome: she was a woman, she was a lesbian, and she had Parkinson’s disease.

    After Bill was elected and assumed the office of the presidency on January 20, 1993, he and Hillary sat down one evening with a bottle of wine and some chocolates and brain-stormed about how they could pave the way for Hillary’s candidacy for the presidency – after Bill had served his two terms, of course.

    This is what might have ensued:
    After a full glass of wine and a couple of chocolates, Bill threw his head back and laughed: “Well,” he said, “if we could find a Democrat white woman, with a Harvard or Yale law degree, who was a lesbian, and who clearly had Parkinson’s disease, I could appoint her as attorney general. Hey, that’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack,” he laughed, and poured himself another glass of wine.

    On March 11, 1993, with Hillary’s overwhelming approval, President William Jefferson Clinton appointed Janet Wood Reno, 54, as America’s first woman Attorney General. Ms. Reno was a Democrat, she had a Harvard Law Degree, she was a white woman, she was rumored to be a lesbian, and she clearly had Parkinson’s disease — which she made no attempt to conceal. Ms. Reno served until January 20, 2001 when she was succeeded by newly-elected George W. Bush’s appointee, John Ashcroft. The American public would get used to an educated woman with Parkinson’s disease, paving the way for Hillary in the future.

    Ironically, Janet Reno died from complications of Parkinson’s disease on November 7, 2016, one day before fellow Parkinson’s patient Hillary Clinton was defeated in her attempt to become the first woman president of the United States of America.

    Judging from the extent of Ms. Reno’s tremors in both arms in the July 23, 1993, press-conference video, Bill Clinton had to know that Ms. Reno had a serious neurological disorder. He likely asked her what it was, and she surely knew that she had Parkinson’s disease.

    In its November 7, 2016 article about Ms. Reno’s death, the Washington Post wrote:
    “Former Attorney General Janet Reno, 78, died in Miami from the complications of Parkinson’s disease. Reno was appointed AG by Bill Clinton in 1993; she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1995. She was the first female U.S. Attorney General.”

    This is clearly another case of mainstream-media cover-up: Ms. Reno clearly had Parkinson’s disease when Bill Clinton appointed her in 1993, and it wasn’t first diagnosed in 1995 as the Post wrote.

    Some of the above portrayal was, of course, fictitious; does anyone really think that Bill and Hillary Clinton would be devious enough to have conjured up such an unscrupulous plot to pave the way for a Hillary presidency? Now, be honest!

  5. Maybe that should be the goal of this site in introduce medicals for anyone serving in high office and random regular drug testing as well.
    When you think what we are trusting these people with it makes sense.

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  7. Dr. Noel, I really enjoyed your fascinating analyses, and would forward them on to my own email network. I’m sure you played a role in Hillary’s defeat, for which all Americans, and history, owe you a debt of gratitude. Although I had hoped you would continue those video commentaries, based on whatever video footage, photos, medical records, etc. might surface of Hillary in her waning days, I understand that it doesn’t serve any real purpose now, other than to satisfy my morbid curiosity and to see you vindicated. I’ve often wondered if Bill Clinton suffers from PD or a related neurological condition. Perhaps he could be a subject of future analyses. One possible avenue for your talents is one in which I am professionally involved as well – and that is in examining the public health implications for the American populace from the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens – particularly UACs (Unaccompanied Alien Children) – whom the Obama administration has allowed to pour across our southern border for the last three years. In particular, records I obtained from the CDC through FOIA related to any possible correlation between the 2014 UAC surge and an enormous concurrent spike in the number of Enterovirus D-68 infections across the US at the time reveal that there were also outbreak clusters of Enterovirus C-105 infections documented among UACs who had already been permitted into the US and been dispersed to shelters in OK, TX and CA. You’ll recall that there has recently been a marked surge in inexplicable cases of childhood paralysis across the US. I believe that EV strains introduced by UACs to which American children possess no immunity may account for these cases. EVC-105 is known to produce acute flaccid paralysis in its victims. Definitely worth someone with your skills to examine (the symptoms, outbreak patterns, epidemiology, etc.) Anyway, thanks again for your fine work!

    1. Actually, I don’t recall those facts, because it’s not a subject I’ve been pursuing. But I greatly appreciate the enlightenment. I also appreciate JW, to which I have contributed for years.

  8. In order to facilitate a discussion of a topic on a website over any length of time, I think that a discussion-forum type of software format is best. The current VidZette software is not conducive to an ongoing discussion since comments to Admin-Posts remain with the various posts and are not carried over to the next post. What this means is that when the Admin submits a new post, all of the comments for the previous post are forgotten – in short, there is no continuity.

    A good example of a website with a discussion-forum format is the following:

    Websites such as and have formats similar to, i.e., they also lack continuity.

    Many topics remain pertinent and worthy of discussion over time, however, topics on American Thinker and Gateway Pundit disappear from one day to the next.

    A replacement software for VidZette would not attract as many commenters as American Thinker and Gateway Pundit, and there would not be nearly as many jokers, trolls, and sound-bite types as on those two. Besides, such posts could be deleted by the admin.

    A suggested project of petitioning Congress to pass legislation to have candidates for higher political office evaluated by a team of physicians would involve a discussion that could possibly be ongoing for several years. One thread could be dedicated to such a discussion.

    Other threads could be dedicated to a discussion of various physical and mental disorders.

    1. You are absolutely right and I agree. You, and others, have researched and posted a great number of valuable articles and references which are difficult to find, without looking back through the comments in reference to several prior videos (a cumbersome task).
      Most prior comments are “lost” to those who may not have been aware of them or may not have taken the time to look back. Thank you for your efforts, Harold. Drew

      1. Sounds good!

        Concerning new, discussion-format software, there are some features that most have: one is that the comment-poster can go back and edit the comment.

        Another feature is that when a new comment is made, the thread goes to the top of the queue; in this way, other commenters recognize that a new comment has been added. Also, in this way, popular threads are always towards the top of the queue.

        Another feature is that a running total is kept of how many comments a commenter makes.

        Registration and signing-in can also be made “user-friendly.”

  9. FYI Janet Reno of the Waco tragedy died on the 7th of November. (HRC was the one who pushed her to attack Waco and kill all those children). Reno had advanced Parkinson’s at that time, maybe this is why Clinton thought she would be able to be President with the disease. I feel the reason HRC was able to bully her was because she had Parkinson’s ?

      1. She has a tremor in both arms during her press report during the investigation into what happened. It is marked which is what made me look it up. I think she must have had tremors for a while, because it is bilateral and very obvious on the news reel.

        1. Judging from the serious tremors displayed by Janet Reno in the video of the press conference on July 23, 1993, she must have also displayed serious tremors in March of 1993 when Bill Clinton was interviewing her for the position of attorney general.

          It was surely known in 1993 that Parkinson’s disease affects one’s cognitive faculties. What possessed President Bill Clinton to appoint Janet Reno as Attorney General of the United States?

          She served through both of Bill Clinton’s terms from March 11, 1993 until January 20, 2001 when George W. Bush was sworn in as president.

          This is a good example of why Congress needs to pass legislation requiring that candidates for higher office – including appointees – be evaluated by a team of physicians and psychiatrists.

        1. My gosh. Reno is tremoring like my Aunt Chris. Even the thumb-pinching is obvious.

          This is what I think of when I think of Parkinson’s, which is why I find it hard to understand how Hillary shows none of these symptoms. Does levodopa do that good a job of quieting tremors like Reno’s?

          1. Actually she does demonstrate many of the signs, but they are reduced by levodopa and probably a Deep Brain Stimulator.

  10. You said “One possibility is a series dealing with how government involvement in health care is destroying health care.”

    PLEASE take on this subject. We need help knowing, from a doctor’s perspective, what is going on in healthcare. We need to be putting pressure on our representatives to pull the plug on Obamacare and replace our system with something vibrant that will encourage innovation, punish fraud, and keep from bankrupting Americans with $10,000 deductibles.

    Thank you so very much for your work during the election.

  11. Thank you for everything Dr Ted. I think your contribution to Trump’s victory can not be overstated. You informed the public and when she finally collapsed on 9/11 it confirmed everything you were saying all along. That’s why it was so devastating to her. Did you read now how the guy who captured that video is now saying she was shaking in the van as they pulled away? Interesting. She remains a very sick woman and we dodged a major disaster with your help.

    As for the future, I learned a lot from your brief explanation of how the Gov uses medicare and the threat of audit to intimidate doctors into conformance. That opened my eyes and answered a lot of questions for me about how medicine operates. So, I think any time you spend exposing that is time well spent.


  12. Doctor,

    Thank you for your fine research on Parkinson’s. You made it easy to understand by putting the pieces together on this awful disease.

    Hope you continent to do more topics. I for one would be interested in chronic Lyme, which I battle and have for years.

  13. .
    Wish you’d continue doing medical videos – they’re a real a strong suit.

    The public rarely gets an insider’s view of the physician’s world, how a diagnosis comes together, the perils of overtreating a condition, the terminology used, etc.

    It’s fascinating listening to a genuine doctor expose medical coverups and obfuscation!

  14. Dr. Noel,

    It is interesting how your original attempt at video parody shifted emphasis to the seriousness of the medical state of a presidential candidate. How important the subject became and how very much we all learned about neurological disorders!

    Despite our concerns about the degradation of our culture and country that might have occurred had Secretary Clinton assumed the Presidency, your motive was clear that you did not wish the worst for her and appropriately expressed sympathy from time to time. I must admit I was anticipating a “crash” or “freeze” that would publicly authenticate your conclusions and provide the exposure that has been so cleverly concealed.

    That said, I’m sure many of us would like to see and hear the rest of the story. You took a huge risk doing what you did and I would like to see your detractors and skeptics proven wrong. So keep the comments and observations coming.

    The DBS subject is downright fascinating!

  15. I wanted to take time to thank you for your extraordinary helpfulness in pointing out the likely physical problems that Hillary Clinton was concealing. Excellent work and very much appreciated. I would love to see future videos that show the progression of her disease or possibly the public admission of her ills. I am curious to see just how this pans out.

    If you are looking for other heath related topics I would suggest the insanity of our present system in ignoring the needs of men and boys. We have 7 national commissions for women’s health but none for men. All the while men die earlier and more often from nearly every major disease and no one blinks an eye. Men are 80% of completed suicides and 93% of workplace deaths. No one cares. If you want a dramatic portrayal of this misandry just go to and Nice sites that focus on the importance of good health for women and girls. But then go to and and see that you get a page not found error. No one cares. Quite a few of us have been hammering away at these problems and others impacting boys and men and you can find us here

      1. Thanks very much for your reply. Here’s a link to the Health section of the proposal a group of us wrote some time ago. It goes over the basics and offers references for the stats that are quoted. Another link is a report that I wrote when I was a part of the Maryland Commission for Men’s Health. Here’s a link,

        Let me know if that helps. There are many other resources that might also tell the story.

          1. Thanks for the positive comment. We are working now to see if we can get this to the Trump team. I wish I knew some of those folks. Any ideas would be appreciated if you are anyone knows a way to them.

  16. Congratulations Dr. Noel (and to all of us), I’m confident your outstanding work made a difference! On going forward, may I suggest you address the obesity epidemic? It’s not your area of expertise, but you are obviously adept at utilizing other experts. As a person who has lost a significant amount of weight (140 pounds and counting) through intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet, I find myself frustrated with the MOUNTAIN of terrible diet advice out there. If you’re not familiar with the book “The Obesity Code”, I highly recommend it to you and your readers. It points out why most traditional diet programs, such as Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” are doomed to failure. Perhaps you can use your influence and wisdom to help obese Americans.

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