Who Are We?

Who are We?

(Dec 5, 2016) started as the efforts of Dr. Ted Noel (Me, CV below) to use satire developed from public video sources in order to show that Hillary Clinton is unfit for office. When the issue of her probable Parkinson’s Disease became apparent, the focus shifted to her medical problems. With the election over, we are moving to the nexus of medicine and government.


Who is VidZette?

VidZette is now a “crowd-funded” assembly of knowledge and skills. Everyone involved has given time and expertise without compensation. At least four neurologists have assisted and concur that Hillary probably has Parkinson’s Disease. The Differential Diagnosis document was co-written with a neuropsychiatrist who specializes in Parkinson’s Disease.

These doctors have to remain anonymous. If they speak publicly, they risk having the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services audit their practices. Because the federal rules are so complicated, it’s not possible to be in perfect compliance. CMS (they dropped the second “M”) will find a point of non-compliance, and under the rules of “Medicare Fraud,” the doctor can lose years of income. The IRS are pikers compared to CMS. A practicing physician cannot afford to visibly offend CMS.

The video analysis in the “NBC Lied” video was originally done by a professional video editor who had to do a frame-by-frame videoconference with me before I would believe it. Since then, at least three other professional videographers have concurred with his opinion. He prepared the analysis video that I used.

The “crowd-funding” of knowledge and information includes people inside and outside of the United States. Some are merely concerned with the effect a Clinton Presidency would have on their country.  Others found video clips and angles that I hadn’t seen. That’s why some videos took several days to compose.


Can an anesthesiologist assess a neurological problem?

That’s a very good question. First, I’m not just an anesthesiologist, although I spent most of my professional life in that specialty. I’m a doctor. I have the foundation to rapidly learn about diseases outside of my specialty. I used that skill on a daily basis when people with unusual ailments showed up for surgery. Since my job was to keep the surgeon from killing them with his knife, I had to know how to deal with those diseases.

Second, I trained in Critical Care Medicine. That specialty requires a doctor to be able to deal with the most complicated of all diseases in the most difficult of situations. Considering my two specialties, it’s not difficult to advance my education to become proficient in the analysis of a Major Movement Disorder.

Third, I had the assistance (and major prodding) of subject matter specialists before the education that went into the first video. These included Parkinson’s Disease caregivers, family members, and sufferers. I wasn’t flying blind. As the project developed, help came out of the woodwork.

Let me repeat. I’m a doctor, trained in making medical diagnoses in preparation for my daily work. The fact that I’m retired doesn’t make that foundation disappear. In fact, it gives me time to be more deeply educated.


And the critics?

The first prominent critic was Their article was done by a reporter who simply didn’t understand the issue. He made multiple ad hominem attacks, but didn’t even consider the medical facts of the case. As an aside, why would a reporter be more credible than a doctor on medical issues?

One commenter claiming to be a neurologist stated that my original video was “a steaming crock of equine excrement.” I have to give him points for literary merit, but he stands opposed to multiple others in his specialty who agree with me, including movement disorder specialists. And this brings me to a medical point.

Hillary Clinton’s neurological disorder can only be diagnosed definitively by examination. If she would release real records, then they would include the results of an examination and the treatment of whichever disease she has. In the Differential Diagnosis document, the three most likely are Parkinson’s Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and Multiple Sclerosis. VidZette cannot be certain which is correct, but our collective opinion is that Parkinson’s Disease is most likely.

Neurologists who disagree basically rely on the fact that Hillary has not shown much of the big movements that make Parkinson’s Disease obvious. But treatment of Parkinson’s is directed at controlling those major signs. The bits that creep through are the “soft signs” that families and caregivers see every day, in spite of treatment. Hillary’s campaign strategy is to hide. So we are left with the bits and pieces. Fortunately for the case, there are so many small bits that she simply cannot hide everything.

October 17, 2016
Ted Noel MD


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