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Podcast 26 – Charlottesville Snowflakes

There is one major voice speaking about the Charlottesville events that is speaking the truth. We all know who it is, but so many snowflake Republicans are saying bad things about him… Or watch on YouTube…

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  1. Dr Noel, I’m not sure how you feel about the WikiLeaks docs but I did find this message from Huma Abedin from back in April 2015 to the communications team. They were crafting a response to Jeb Bush using Super Pack funds for his campaign.

    “She’s going to stick to notes a little closer this am, still not perfect in
    her head.”

    Not sure what wasn’t perfect. It could be that she just couldn’t remember the exact message, but it also could mean she couldn’t remember the message.

      1. In a recent paper entitled:

        ‘Mental Side Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Movement Disorders: The Futility of Denial’

        the author in a section discussing ‘Moral competence and personality’ states:

        “These are (in my view) the issues with the most confounding ethical impact. While hypomania subsides and depression may respond to treatment, rarely measurements are taken to exclude less obvious changes in behavior and personality.

        Fundamental changes in personality have been relatively seldom been studied (Florin et al., 2013) although basic research documents the role of the STN in decision making (Ray et al., 2011).

        Relatives however report reckless and risk seeking behavior that lasts well beyond the postoperative phase. Again, these types of behavioral change may occur gradually in the natural course of the disease or as side effect of drugs—but the sudden and seemingly irreversible alteration of personally after DBS comes as a shock for families.

        Probably the most profound, albeit at first sight easily overlooked effects are changes in moral competences of the patients. Such changes may result in taking risks for oneself and ignoring the rights of others, exemplified by car accidents or marital conflicts (Schupbach et al., 2006).

        Seminars for management of such conflicts after DBS are therefore already offered with patients and spouses reporting their experiences.”

        Front Integr Neurosci. 2016; 10: 17.
        Published online 2016 Apr 20. doi: 10.3389/fnint.2016.00017


    Click on Scheduled Events

    Hillary has only one event scheduled per day on Oct. 24, 25, 26, 27, & 28; whereas, both Tim Kaine and Joe Biden have two events scheduled for Oct. 24, and Chelsea has three events
    scheduled for Oct. 25 & 26.

    On Monday, October 24, 2016, 12:30pm – 1:30pm EDT; Doors open at 10:30 am

    New Hampshire Democratic Party Rally with Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

    Saint Anselm College
    100 Saint Anselm Dr.; Manchester, New Hampshire 03102

    Join other supporters in your neighborhood for an organizing event with Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren!

    This Event Will be Outdoors.


    On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 2:30pm – 3:30pm EDT; Doors open at 12:00pm.

    Join Hillary Clinton in Coconut Creek, Florida!
    Broward College – Coconut Creek Campus
    1000 Coconut Creek Blvd.; Coconut Creek, Florida 33066

    This event will take place at the OMNI Auditorium, Broward College North Campus, Building 60.

    Join us to welcome Hillary Clinton to Coconut Creek! She’ll outline her plans to create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and her vision for an America that is stronger together.


    Click on Scheduled Events

    On Sunday, October 23, Hillary Clinton will hold a public “Early-Vote Event” in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    The Event will begin at 1:45pm – 3:00pm EDT
    Doors open at 11:15 am.

    Raleigh Early-Vote Event with Hillary Clinton and the “Mothers of the Movement”

    The Event will be held at:
    The Quad at Saint Augustine’s University
    1315 Oakwood Ave Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

    On Sunday, October 23, Hillary Clinton will campaign with the “Mothers of the Movement” in Raleigh.

    She will be joined by Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin; (Neighborhood-Watchman Shooting; Sanford, FL; 30 miles north of Orlando; Feb. 26, 2012)

    Lucia McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis; (Civilian Shooting; Jacksonville, FL; Nov. 23, 2012)
    Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner; (Police Chokehold; Staten Island, New York City; July 17, 2014)

    Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland; (Suicide by hanging; Waller County, Texas & Hempstead, TX – July 10, 2015, arrested; suicide in Jail-cell, July 13, 2015); and

    Maria Hamilton, the mother of Dontre Hamilton. (Police Shooting; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 30, 2014)

    With more people voting in this election than any in history, Clinton will encourage voters at both events to take advantage of one-stop early voting and urge North Carolina voters to check their registration status at

    She and the “Mothers of the Movement” – women who lost their children to police-involved incidents and gun violence – will discuss her plans to reform America’s criminal justice system, as well as her commitment to an America that is stronger together and that respects the fundamental rights of all people.

    Also, on Sunday, October 23, Hillary Clinton will hold a public “Early-Vote Event” in Charlotte, NC.

    The Event will take place at Belk Plaza at UNC Charlotte; located at 9201 University City Blvd Charlotte, North Carolina 28223

    The Event will take place from 5:30 – 7:30 pm (edt); Doors open at 3:00 pm.

  4. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Parkinson’s Disease signs (and indications; e.g., blue sunglasses) Hillary has recently displayed. Could Dr. Noel please correct, delete, or add to this list.

    1. dyskinesia; Abnormal, involuntary movements; (Parkinson’s Disease LevoDopa Induced Dyskinesia – PD-LID);

    2. she has worn anti-dyskinesia cobalt-blue sunglasses; (9/11 Memorial);

    3. she has had Parkinson’s Freezes; (at the 9/11 Memorial, for example);

    4. she has shown lateral strabismus (crossed eyes);

    5. she has had an oculogyric crisis: a paroxysm in which the eyes are held in a fixed position (at the balloon-drop at the Democratic National Convention.);

    6. she demonstrated the Parkinson’s gait, walking on stage prior to the first debate;

    7. she has had coughing spells; (swallowing disorder);

    8. she has taken time off prior to debates (inferentially, during this time she has undergone Drug Holidays; i.e., she has stopped taking her medication);

    9. she has demonstrated the pill-rolling tremor;

    10. leg muscle weakness; (she uses stools at debates and Town-Hall events; she has trouble climbing up and down steps and stairs.);

    11. the typical Parkinson’s hand-posture;

    12. impaired balance;

    13. bradykinesia (slow movement);

    14. memory loss; (I just can’t recall), and

    15. Hillary has also demonstrated Parkinson’s Rage: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” and “So, why aren’t I 50 points ahead?”

  5. If you live in the area, you might be interested in attending one of Hillary’s rallies. Be sure to bring a video camera; you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

    Click on Scheduled Events.

    Hillary Clinton will hold a rally with Tim Kaine in Pittsburgh, PA, beginning at 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm, edt

    Doors Open at 2:45 pm.

    The rally will be at the Taylor Allderdice High School, 2409 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

    Hillary Clinton will hold a rally with Tim Kaine in Philadelphia, PA, beginning at 8:45 pm – 10:00 pm, edt

    Doors Open at 6:15 pm.

    The rally will be at Dunning-Cohen Championship Field; PENN Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  6. This video is a humorous presentation of the cobalt-blue, anti-seizure sunglasses that Hillary has recently worn.

    The likelihood that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease is a very serious matter, and one wonders whether such a wildly farcical presentation of the matter is serving to convince people that they should not vote for Hillary.

  7. I don’t think Donald Trump will accept the Parkinson’s theory, because he is not medically trained nor has he had personal experience like Parkinson’s families and under medication the signs are subtle.
    When she spoke on the plane after the third debate her eyes were all over the place. I think this is why she abruptly stopped the interview.
    She is blinking a lot as well, is this part of Parkinson’s?
    During the debate when she got angry about the videos her right hand was in an agonising position. I tried it with my own hand and it hurts.

  8. According to to the Alzheimers Association, 3 of the symptoms of Parkinsons are
    Delusions, especially paranoid ideas
    Irritability and anxiety

    Sounds to me like we should be checking Trump out for Parkinsons!

    1. We are trying to do an analysis of Clintons visible signs and symptoms, this is not political. We are not trying to label anyone for political reasons, this is of academic interest to us.
      The symptoms you are mentioning from the Alzheimer’s site “Delusions, especially paranoid ideas, Depression ,Irritability and anxiety” are subjective and not visible on video.
      Non convergence on eye movement, tremors and dyskinesia are visible to the observer and are indications of a serious underlying neurological issues. I have not seen anything like this with Trump, if you have then please cut, copy and paste for us all to share.

      1. You are on the money. My discussion of the various mental problems with Parkinson’s is designed to make clear that fact that PD is as much a mental disease as a physical one. One doctor and his nurse wife watched the “Why Does it Matter” video and she was stunned to learn of the mental side. We can’t see the mental side, because it is being hidden from us.

        1. I wonder how long it can be hidden? It seems Security protection units have been complaining about an unstable aggressive personality for years. I am not saying this is PD, how ever my experience with PD is it does not improve your mental state in any way.

  9. Dr. Noel,

    Hillary had another seizure at the Al Smith dinner last night. Please see the video and play-by-play at:

    Also, please download and re-host the video if you are able. I’m not sure about the reliability of the current host. If you are able to do so, I’ll re-link to your copy in the original reddit post.

    I’m using a disposable email, so please contact me via reddit PM if you’d like to speak about anything privately.


  10. I think that the reason that the Trump Team is not strongly pursuing the Parkinson’s Disease theory is because they think that Trump can win the election without doing so. They might be right; however, they might also be wrong. My recommendation is that they not risk losing the election by not bringing the public’s attention to the very real possibility that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease.

    The Trump Team knows that the only way to positively demonstrate that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease would be to have her take a drug test (blood test) or to have her evaluated by a team of neurologists. Hillary would have to consent to these, and the Trump Team knows that she would not do so.

    Trump has already taken steps toward broaching the subject of Parkinson’s: he has suggested that both he and Hillary subject themselves to a drug test; he didn’t specify which drug would be tested for, however, if pressed, his Team would likely say LevoDopa, the primary medication for Parkinson’s. Not cocaine or marijuana.

    Trump has also aired a TV Ad that states that Hillary does not have “the fortitude, strength, or stamina” to hold the office of the presidency: The Ad shows Hillary coughing at a rally, it shows her being helped up a front-porch stairs, and it shows her collapsing and being bodily loaded into her Scooby Van at the 9/11 Memorial.

    Trump could make another TV Ad showing the bobble-head incident, the fixed-stare at the balloon-drop, and it could show Hillary wearing the cobalt-blue, anti-seizure sunglasses at the 9/11 Memorial. Why does she wear such glasses?

    Trump could also make a TV Ad featuring Dr. Ted Noel, offering a statement of a presumptive diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, based on the video information we now have.

    The Trump Team could also encourage surrogates to bring up the subject of Parkinson’s, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or a U.S. Senator or Congressman. At this point, there are more than two weeks before the election. The Trump Team might have something planned regarding Hillary’s obvious neurodegenerative illness.

    Remember, Romney took the High-Road against Obama, and he lost. The Romney Team knew that Obama was not only using cocaine, but that he was also selling it at Columbia University (they had an eye-witness); they knew that Obama is primarily a homosexual and that he belonged to the Man’s Country Gay Bath-house in Chicago; they knew that there was a huge question about Obama’s paternity (the Frank Marshall Davis connection, for whom Obama’s mother posed nude); but Romney used none of this information. The Mainstream Media had also led Romney to believe that he was ahead in the polls by a wide margin – this was false.

    [Read Jack Cashill’s “Deconstructing Obama” for a discussion of the above. See also Joel Gilbert’s DVD “Dreams from My Real Father.”]

    Lesson: Never take the High-Road when in competition with a snake.

  11. I watched all your vids and some are really convincing that she has neurological disorder or Parkinson’s. But it looks like Trump doesn’t think it is a good enough proof, otherwise he would’ve used her awkward head bobbing and freezes in his official videos. I know that most people think the Parkinson’s talk is complete bullshit, and say “even Trump himself doesn’t buy it”. But then again, it looks almost like “case closed” when I watch your vidzette videos. Do you have an explanation for why the Trump campaign keeps ignoring this if it’s so well proven?
    Thank you

  12. Dr Noel, What do you think about Secretary Clinton at around the 2m:42S mark of this clip when all the reporters are asking a questions at the same time?

    Interestingly it “artifacts” right then, similar to the previous plane video anomaly. I am looking for a better copy.

    Andrea Mitchel sort of trails off in her question while this was happening as though she was concerned.

  13. Here is the short 3-minute Presser on Hillary’s plane after the 10-19 debate.

    Hillary looks very tired; she begins by saying that there will be no more debates and no more naps (curious thing to say);

    she speaks slowly, deliberately; she fishes for words; she appears to be bug-eyed; when asked about the James O’Keefe videos, Hillary states that she can’t deal with all of his [Trump’s] conspiracy theories;

    she claims to know nothing about the dirty tricks at Trump Rallies, orchestrated by Bob Creamer and Scott Foval.

    Hillary offers that it was “horrifying” that Trump did not say that he would accept the outcome of the election.

    It does not appear as though her eyes are focused on the journalists; she seems to be looking up and beyond the journalists. It appears as though she is laboring to put words together and to get her thoughts organized.

    John Podesta looms in the near background.

  14. Hillary had a very visible 5 seconds Parkinson’s freeze during the last debate (Oct 19, 2016)!
    Please turn up your volume to hear her make a strange throat noise to get out of the freeze!

    The Democratic Triple ticket: Clinton Parkinson Kaine – “Elect two, get three!”

    It happened at 1 h 49 m 29 s in the video clip linked below, which was at approximately 07:25 pm PDT. (Try searching twitter for hillary freeze and look at that time).

    1. That doesn’t look like a freeze, because she kept moving. She has several short pauses where she appears to be “word-hunting.” This happens in PD, but it also happens a lot of other places.

      1. There were times when Hillary looked like she was suddenly either tired or she was going to cry. I hope saw this, I don’t have any video clips with times yet. It looked like she couldn’t maintain a mask of normalcy/health for whatever reason, perhaps due to the effects of medication levels dropping as the debate went on on 10/19/16.

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