Your Government is Out to Kill You

Before you think I’ve gone completely bonkers, I know this isn’t about ObamaCare. But a news item this week really set me off, and as I researched, it became clear that our government, intentionally or not, is literally killing us. Just like ObamaCare, it’s an example of how the government sticks its bureaucratic finger in places it doesn’t belong.

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  1. Hi Doctor Ted,

    Do those books lay out a dietary plan? We are looking for something that will help us figure out what we can eat and when we should eat. Without being a nutritionist it’s hard to know what is high carb vs high fat, etc. Are you following a specific diet? IS there a cookbook that works?

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. The books DO lay out a basic plan. As for high fat, simply don’t buy anything that’s “low fat.” You’ll save money. Next, cut out bread and pasta. Those are the worst offenders for high carb, because not only are they high carb, they are processed carb with lots of amylopectin A, which is easily absorbed. Add fiber. There are populations that eat 80% carb with no obesity because it is such high fiber. Finally, vinegar (pickles anyone?) works against carbs. I will be posting a document on the site to give the Cliff Notes on the subject.

  2. Thank you for the recommend of Dr Fung’s books. I will look for them. I had not heard of them yet.

    I discovered intermittent fasting this last spring from a book published in 2013: The Fast Diet. At 54, I had been unable to lose weight by the diet-and-exercise methods that worked when I was younger.

    So far, I’ve lost 20 lbs this way, but the best thing is that it’s SO doable – no endlessly fussing with what I’ve eaten or not and how much I’ve exercised or not, etc. For a busy person, this is great!

    And I am finding that the discipline of simply not eating is slowly making it easier to control what I eat on ‘regular’ days. Not that I don’t backslide regularly – I have a serious addiction to baked goods, especially homemade ones – but over the months it is getting easier to tell myself “You don’t need that NOW, but you can have it LATER”, which makes it much easier to keep from ‘falling off the wagon’ and simply stuffing myself with whatever carbs happen to be in front of me.

    1. Actually, I wore the hat for comedic purposes. There are so many “tin-foil-hat” sites that scream at you that I figured I ought to open that way.

      If you recall one of my older videos, I made an express point of saying that I DON’T subscribe to tinfoil hat theories. As a pilot, I’m well informed on the issues that make the chemtrails hypothesis impossible. Also, the physics of the earth’s movement are well established, and I may look at the “not spinning” site out of curiousity, but don’t plan to give it much credence.

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